Emotional Intelligence. Video Recording and Slides.

Emotional Intelligence. Video Recording and Slides.


Emotional Intelligence is an extremely powerful weapon. Emotional Intelligence is what helps us understand and control our own emotions, connect with our children and others, maintain relationships and much more. Emotional Intelligence is what brings us success, positivity, and happiness on our life journey.

Parenting constantly challenges our Emotional Intelligence and it is what makes parenting to be the most challenging job. We are fortunate that our brain has the capacity for a continuous change and therefore it is never too early or too late to strengthen our and our kids' Emotional Intelligence.

This lecture will give you practical everyday tools to improve your and your children Emotional Intelligence skills, including empathy, self regulation, anger control, positive thinking, delay gratification, gratitude, social skills and social problem solving skills!

Within 48 hours of the purchase, you will receive a link to Video Recording (Total Play Time is 1 hour 50 minutes) and slides that Victoria was showing during the lecture.


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