Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child

Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child


In the last decade, research has discovered that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the key for success and happiness in life.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to be aware of, control and express our emotion as well as understand the emotions of others. Emotional Intelligence plays an important role in managing life’s stress and interpersonal relationships.

Fortunately, Emotional Intelligence is a trainable skill. It is neither too late nor too early to start EQ training. When kids are being raised in emotionally smart homes by emotionally smart parents, they will become emotionally smart adults. In this lecture, Victoria Prooday, will equip you with an Emotionally Intelligent mindset to parenting as well as practical tools to raising self-regulated, empathetic, social and responsible children who are ready for to conquer the challenges of the real world.

The lecture is one hour and 35 minutes long.

Within 48 hours of the purchase, you will receive a link to Video Recording and slides that Victoria was showing during the lecture.

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