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This is a must watch video for all parents. It is not a science fiction, but rather today’s reality. Thanks to technological advancements; though it connects us to the outside world 24 hours a day, we are disconnected from what really matters, our children.

The most frequent statement I hear from children in my office is “My parents are always busy”. We need to understand that parental emotional availability is a prerequisite for healthy and happy child development.   A day will come that we will also need help from our children, and the answer we are going to get would be “I am too busy”. At that time it will hurt, but we have just gotten back whatever we gave out.

 This school year, let’s put a conscious effort into connecting with our children. Turn off devices until the kids are in bed; they grow up too fast and every moment we spent with them counts.  Remember, the world can wait, but kids can’t.

Victoria Prooday