Anna Prudovski, MA, Psychologist 

Ms. Prudovski is a member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario, a Founding Member of the Canadian Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (CACBT), and a Diplomate and the Credentialing Committee Member of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy (ACT). 

She provides psychological services, as well as ongoing supervision and consultations for the staff. 


Dina Kogan, Speech-Language Pathologist

Dina is a dedicated and innovative Speech-Language Pathologist who has experience with both pediatric and adult populations in a variety of clinical settings in the US, Toronto, and Israel. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at York University. She then received her Communicative Disorder Assistant post graduate certification from Durham College.After working for several years as a Communicative Disorders Assistant and feeling passionate about the field, Dina decided to continue her education. She completed her Masters of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from the State University of New York at Fredonia.Dina has clinical experience assessing and treating preschoolers, school-aged children, and adolescents with language, articulation, motor speech, and fluency disorders.Dina has also worked with a diverse range of children with developmental disorders, including Autism Spectrum Disorders.Dina strives to make the therapy process as effective and enjoyable as possible for the client, while providing support and guidance for family members.

Julia Zheretiy

Julia is a professional member of Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, an RP(Q) Candidate, a counselling associate at Turning Point Psychological Services, a teaching Assistant at Transformational Arts College, and a co-founder of Optimal You Yoga & Talk Workshops.

Julia provides an integrative approach to counselling through practice of psychotherapy and coaching. She is passionate about helping adults, youth and children manage cognitive, emotional and behavioral aspects of overcoming anxiety, fears and stress, moving through depression, building self-worth, regulating anger, processing grief and loss, overcoming trauma, transitioning through life stages, changing vocation, healing relationships. 

Marina Molchanov

 Marina is a behavioral therapist, with over 3 years of IBI experience working with children on the spectrum. Marina holds a BA in Child and Youth Care from Ryerson University. She is very passionate about working with children and aiding them in acquiring skills that they require for daily life and participating in society as fulfilled individuals. She is committed to find the key to every child. Her rigorous IBI training along with her softer side, creates a great balance in her work.




Keren Lahav, ECE and Teacher

Keren has and extensive educational and practical experience working with children. She holds a Bachelors of Education and a Bachelor of Art with Honors in Psychology degree. She has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and will obtain an Early Interventionist certificate in April 2016. Keren works with children on play, social and academic skills. Keren's program is guided and supervised by Victoria Prooday (OT) and Dina Kogan (SLP) based on each child individual needs.     


Timur Ponomarev,                                        Exercise Specialist and Personal trainer 

Timur is a licensed professional trainer and a professional boxer with extensive experience working with children. Timur runs 1:1 and group exercise sessions with the goals of improving children's gross motor skills, sensory processing, ability to follow instructions, communicate, and improve sportsmanship, social skills and self-confidence. Timur's program is guided by Victoria Prooday based on child's specific therapy goal.



Batia Kenet, Art and Special Education Teacher

Batia Citrin Kenet has an extensive experience working as an art and a special ed teacher. She has a magic connection with children.

Through her 1:1 and group sessions the art is being used as a tools to achieve therapy goals such as overcoming tactile sensitivity, develop fine motor skills, creativity and imagination. Puppetry is being used to develop expressive language, public speaking, social skills and confidence. Batia's program is guided by Victoria Prooday (OT)  based on child's  individual needs.

Erika Goldman, Special Education Teacher

Erika has over 25 years of experience in special education. She works with children on improving reading, writing skills, ability to complete academic works independently using Victoria’s multi-sensory teaching approaches. The goal of the multi sensory teaching is to use sensory stimulatory strategies to keep the brain focused and alert throughout the teaching process.  We prove to children that writing and writing are fun and easy.  This approach makes it possible for children with learning disabilities to succeed. Erika's program is guided and supervised by Victoria Prooday (OT) based on each child’s individual needs  





Keri Oziel, Art and Drama Teacher

Keri graduated from the Randolpth academy for the performing arts and the players academy for acting and drama. Keri worked for number of years as a preschool and kindergarten teacher and ran art club for school aged children. she has extensive experience working with children with special needs.

Keri's incredible talents in acting, drama and arts are being used as powerful tools to work on children's social, emotional and academic skills. Children act and role play real life situations and through drama discover solutions to real life problems. Keri's program is guided by Victoria Prooday (OT) and Dina Kogan (SLP) based on child's  individual needs.      


Julia Paykin, teacher 

Julia has over 15 years of experience teaching reading, writing, and oral communication. Julia has a Master’s in Education in Language and Literacy from the University of Toronto and is trained in Direct Instruction by Angus Lloyd Associates Inc. She is committed to finding best programs and solutions for her students. 

Leandra Miller

Leandra has extensively developed her ability to empower children and youth across all age groups, including those with special needs such as Autism Spectrum Disorder. She graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Arts with a specialization in psychology and from Ryerson University in Child and Youth Care in 2017. Leandra works 1:1 to advance children’s social, emotional, and academic skills through a variety of techniques. Her program is guided and supervised by Victoria Prooday (OT) based on each child’s individual’s needs and goals.