Victoria Prooday is a Registered Occupational Therapist with an extensive experience working with children, parents and teachers. Victoria believes and has proven through her work with children and parents that the sky is the limit!

Victoria helps parents  understand their children and find the key to unlock their child’s potential. She works closely with teachers to help them to get the best classroom functioning of the children she works with.  

In collaboration with her team, Victoria helps children overcome their performance challenges at school, home and community, including:

Learning skills: attention, organization


Social skills: self regulation, play skills

Life skills: feeding, dressing, sleeping, chores

emotional skills:motivation, self-confidence


Speech and communication

Victoria and her team have experience working with children and youth with a variety of diagnosis including:

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Developmental Coordination Disorder

ADHD and Learning Disabilities

Sensory Processing Disorder

Developmental and Speech Delay

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