When Children Are Disorganized: Reasons & Solutions

Have you noticed that kids today become more and more disorganized? Ask any teacher. Every teacher will tell you that many kids come to school lacking the most fundamental organizational skills which are the building blocks for learning. Organizational skills, as any other skill, require training. Often what parents perceive as "training" actually does the exact opposite and weakens kids' organizational skills. But...it is never too late to implement positive changes!

Misbehavior: Your Child’s Desperate Call For Help! Real Solutions for Better Behavior at School And at Home.

Parents, children's "misbehaviors" are their desperate calls for our help. Their “misbehaviors” are symptoms of a much deeper problem that can’t be ignored any longer. The concept “He was born like that" can no longer justify the epidemic increase in our children’s social, emotional and academic issues. While we are looking for the reasons and solutions in the wrong places, we are wasting our children’s precious years.
If you are an open-minded parent, who is ready to put a conscious effort into helping your child, then this blog post is a gold mine for you. Your child and his teachers need you to hear this message. Without your help, schools alone won’t be able to win this essential battle.

 Train this simple skill to set your child for success in life!

The brain is just like a muscle that is trainable and re-trainable. I find it very interesting that if a child has issues with physical muscles, parents understand that a child needs to do exercises to strengthen the muscles. For some reason, the same concept is not being applied to emotional "muscles" Instead, parents tend to compensate for a child's emotional weaknesses which in turn creates an even greater emotional issues. 
Children with weak emotional "muscles" need help strengthening their emotional "muscles" too. There is no difference! The only difference is our perception. All we need is to change our perspective from 'My son has an issue' to 'What can I do to help my son overcome his issue?' Change is always possible! Read my blog post on ways to develop one of the most important skills for life. Tested on my self, my kids, and hundreds of my clients. It works. Guaranteed!