If your child

  • is highly sensitive and easily frustrated

  • constantly “on the go” and can’t focus attention

  • “bored” at school, has poor grades and doesn’t want to do homework

  • needs constant reminders to complete basic everyday activities

  • has trouble socializing with peers and HAS low self esteem

  • can’t wait…..wantS what he/she wants right now!!

 This workshop WILL help you

  • understand your child’s challenges and find easy to implement solutions

  • get practical tools to improve your child’s attention, academic performance, social skills, behavior, emotional intelligence, self-regulation AND self-confidence

  • make your parenting journey a more creative, positive and connected experience

Topics to be Discussed over Five Sessions:

Topics to be discussed over the five sessions:


What is going on with our children

Why is it so difficult to be a parent in the modern world?

Why do our children have difficulties at school despite the fact that they are so smart?

Why do they have difficultIES in social interactions, are constantly BORED, can’t wait, can’t focus, have poor self-confidence and high levels of anxiety?


Re- balancing your child's brain through daily routine - You can help!!

Discipline is not exactly what you think.  How much sleep, outdoor time, and exercise your child needs?  How much computer and TV time is appropriate for your child’s age?  What is the alternative to technology? How many extracurricular activities does your child need?  

Bonus: Parents will create a daily schedule of activities to help their child stay balanced in the modern world .  Parents will get a list of technology replacement activities/games


Neuroplasticity of child’s brain - Brain is just like a muscle that needs to get exercised to get stronger.  

“Get dressed!! Brush your teeth!! Do your homework!! Wait!!”  How to stop being your child's GPS? 

How to teach children to be able to wait, delay gratification and develop self-discipline? 

Rewiring your child’s brain to be more focused, efficient, organized and patient through task specific training and daily routines. 

Bonus:  Parents will be provided with activity ideas, exercises and stimulating tools to strengthen and rewire their child’s brain


Emotional intelligence and self-regulation – giving your child the key to future success.

Why do we hear so much about it lately and why is it becoming so important in the modern world?  

How to teach children to recognize their own emotions, manage anger, aggression, anxiety and boredom? 

Bonus: Parents will be provided with:

  • a self regulation tool that will help children to recognize and deal with emotions

  • activity ideas to develop self- regulation and emotional intelligence


Self-confidence - hard to build, easy to destroy! What impact do you have on your child's confidence?

How to become a positive parent? What can you do to boost your child's confidence?

How to help your child overcome life's barriers such as fears, anxiety, stress?

Who will Benefit?     parents of typical children or children with special needs up to 12 years old    teachers and professionals       

BONUS to be provided at the workshop

  • you will create your child’s daily schedule of routines and activities that will help re-balance your child’s nervous system

  • list of technology replacement activities and games

  • activity ideas to develop self-discipline, self-regulation and attention

  • tool kit that will help improve your child compliance with HW, chores etc.

  • self-regulation tool that will help your child to recognize and deal with emotions

Countdown to Workshop


5 Sessions

 APRIL 4,18 

 MAY 2,16,30





1301 Alness Street