Speaking Engagements and Workshops for Teachers

Victoria is a frequent guest speaker at various educational institutions around the globe, parenting/teachers conferences, and parenting workshops that she frequently hosts in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

to invite Victoria to appear at your event, please email info@yourOT.com

Below are examples of workshops that Victoria can present to your organisation:

Teachers' Workshop #1: Neuroplasticity of the brain: The silent tragedy affecting today's children.  

  • Negative impact of modern lifestyle on kids' social, emotional, behavioural, motor and academic development
  • Common classroom challenges of today's teachers and students
  • Time for change: old tricks don't work on today's brains 

Teachers' Workshop #2:  High-tech generation: The Art of Teaching modern children

  • Everyday practical classroom strategies to facilitate students' emotional  availability for learning (ex. bringing movement and calmness to the classroom)
  • Multi-sensory teaching tools for an optimal brain stimulation and academic success
  • Creative tools and tricks to promote students' motivation and positive classroom behaviour 

   Teachers' Workshop #3: Emotional Intelligence (EQ) - Key for success in life: Incorporating EQ into a daily classroom program

  • Putting together puzzle pieces of EQ
  • Reasons for why today's children struggle with social-emotional skills 
  • Research Review on EQ and correlations between EQ and later success in life
  • Teaching social skills, empathy, self regulation, emotional control as part of a school curriculum

Teacher's Workshop #4: Special Brains: The art of understanding and teaching children with Autism, ADHD, Developmental Delay, Learning Disabilities, Anxiety

  • Understanding their classroom challenges 
  • Creating an inclusive classroom environment 
  • Teaching strategies and classroom accommodations for children with special needs