I would like to thank all my clients for their belief in occupational therapy and for their openness to change.

When we met Vicky we were in a place where we had no idea how to go on helping our daughter. Everything that we tried didn’t really work for her. It was even more frustrating because nobody ever gave us a real diagnostic and we didn’t understand what was going on with her or how she could evolve. She was 4 and hardly ever said a word here and there, and had compliance issues.

Then we met Vicky and she was like a breath of fresh air for us. She helped us move our focus from the medical issues to what we could do to help my daughter and her holistic approach worked like a miracle.

To make a long story short, my daughter loved her from the beginning and worked amazingly with Vicky. After just a few sessions she was a different child – happy, willing to try new things and to cooperate.

Our daughter has been working with Vicky for a year and a half now and she is constantly making progress. She is cooperating properly (she is more “teachable”), she is using sentences to express herself, she started to understand and use some concepts of numbers, colours, and letters.

Vicky doesn’t limit her role to the time of the session, she also gives us advice on what to do for our daughter, how to deal with her issues and what educational toys we can buy. She provides an awesome support for parents.

So we thank God every day we met Vicky and we simply cannot thank her enough for her great work and support. We can see she has a special gift and that she uses all her vast knowledge, energy and experience with genuine passion for her work.
— N.I.
Victoria is an amazing occupational therapist and a support to our family in dealing with the challenges and difficulties we face on a daily basis. My son 9 years old, diagnosed with ADHD. He has also signs of anxiety and sensory processing disorder. Victoria’s work with our son has been life changing. She has been working with him for 6 months now and our son has made significant progress: his self-esteem has increased and his handwriting has improved. Victoria is professional and caring; she makes every visit an enjoyable play date, yet therapeutic. Victoria is working closely with our son’s teacher at school to come up with the best plan possible.
Since 3 years old, our son is receiving different therapies such as psychological, speech therapy, occupational therapy, art therapy, but for the very first time we can see improvement in his behavior, learning abilities, concentration. The most amazing thing is that Victoria shows her love to each kid, making him/her feel special and important.
— Tania G.
Dear Victoria,

We would like to thank you for your continuous help and care for our family. Your work has changed our life tremendously! We can see huge change in our children as well as in us as parents. It is very important to have the right person supporting you when it is needed the most. We love your techniques, we love your attitude and mostly we appreciate your care for us! You have changed so many lives of our friends as well.

You are the right person for the right profession; you stand for what you do. Children love you and follow you and your ideas and forget about their problems. You make everything negative to positive and when you smile you project confidence in what you do.

From the bottom of our heart!
— VB
Vicky has been such an inspiration to us all at Bloomfield Junior Academy Montessori School. She is a therapist that thinks outside of the box. It is so refreshing to have someone that has the child’s best interest at heart and especially one that does not follow text book antidotes. Vicky believes that each child is their own person, and therefore learns in their own time and way. She has created learning tools for specific needs and purposes, of which she has openly shared and are also used in our classroom.
Vicky is a warm and caring person, who demonstrates passion in what she does. She has explained that there is hope for all children who have been “labeled” and that the children are just missing key foundations in their ability to manage stress.
— Jennifer Battaglini, Bloomfield Montessori
When we realized that our child has a problem and that we need professional help, many people recommended to us Victoria Prooday as an excellent Occupational Therapist.

Victoria taught our daugther the skills for success in life: communicating her needs, socializing, playing with friends, controlling her emotions, problem solving, reading, writing, independence skills and much much more. However, the most valuable skill that Victoria gave us is how to understand and accept our own child. She taught us how to interpret our child’s tantrums and gave us the tools for living tantrums free life.

Thanks to Victoria’s help our life is much easier. We are more connected, understanding and getting joy and fullfilment from parenting our child.

Thank you!
— N.B. Thornhill
We were visiting family in Canada, and only had two short weeks to work with Vicki. Never could we imagine the tremendous turn in development our daughter would take in such a short period of time. We went from feeling hopeless and terrified about our daughter’s future to empowered and uplifted. Our daughter was presenting speech delays, as well as significant problems with attention span, and social interaction. In two sessions alone we saw our daughter respond to her name when called, increase eye contact, and follow directions in a way she had never done before. The things we thought were completely unchangeable in our daughter started to lift away with each session. It was beautiful to see how Vicki would forge an emotional connection with our daughter, and would get her excited about interacting and sharing her emotions with others. With every session, we saw our child coming out of her head and into our world more and more. When you have a child who barely speaks to you, who rarely tells you anything that isn’t part of some memorized script, you cannot imagine how incredible it is to suddenly hear a child who is expressing how she feels, or telling you something that comes from her own thoughts. Vicki quickly identified our daughter’s problems, so that we could understand that she was not willful or disobedient - she was struggling with comprehension of a language we thought she knew, but truly didn’t. Vicki went above and beyond what we expected we could receive through occupational therapy. This is not just about changing the child’s behavioral issues; it is about changing the entire family dynamic: the way we interact with our children, and how the family structure and everyone’s roles within it are fundamental towards achieving balance. Even though we do not live in Canada, we will continue to keep in touch with Vicki and use her abundance of guidance because it truly works. We are no longer depressed and resigned to an uncertain future. We are filled with hope and determination, and a real sense of calm that our daughter will be okay. For this Vicki, we cannot thank you enough.
— Jessica, Washington
In every practice area there are just few true professionals in the whole town. And it is very difficult to find them. From the initial meeting with Victoria you could immediately tell that she is the one.

Victoria does make miracle. She has an amazing talent to make things work. We are so impressed by her fantastic imagination, knowledge, enthusiasm. Most importantly of all, Victoria has an unbelievable intuition of what can help in each and every situation.

We are truly blessed to meet her.
— R.F. Thornhill
Dear Victoria,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and appreciation for your efforts as the OT for our son.

You showed the utmost professionalism and dedication. You turned a negative experience into a fun learning experience by CARING! You took the time to explain each step and provide me with the answers as well as any information I so desperately needed. Best of all, you changed the world both for my son and for me! You are a joy to work with.

I don’t know what I would have done without you!
— Ivetta, Newmarket, ON
I have been working as a Registered Early Childhood Educator for more than seven years and I have seen all types of children with cognitive, behavioral, emotional and social problems. I have worked with Victoria and I have seen the amazing results children have when working with her. I have seen children reach their full potential with her strategies and teaching techniques. She has opened my eyes when it comes to child development and she has taught me how to implement different teaching techniques on my students so they can become successful individuals. Her passion and gentle manner has help children overcome their boundaries and help them to become more independent, confidant and successful children.
— Cindy Bustos RECE Head Teacher of Intermediate Room.
My son is a bright child who is in a grade 4 gifted program however, he has had issues with printing since Kindergarden. The teachers were frustrated as they could not understand anything that he wrote. He was told time and time again that he should print neater. However, no one explained to him or us (the parents) what the root cause of the issue was. After countless teacher’s conferences and assessments by the occupational therapists, we were told that there is nothing that can be done and they recommended that he starts using the laptop. We followed their advice, however, it caused more issues. He was receiving negative feedback from other children in the class who classified him as ‘special’. This made him more upset and frustrated with himself. Consequently, we witnessed a significant drop in his self esteem.

Victoria has been our saviour. She took the time to assess him and to understand where the issue was. It turned out that the issue was not really with our son but with how he was taught. He was never taught letter formation. In fact, as we have learned, letter formation is not part of the curriculum. Some children do fine without it while others struggle. We could not believe that such a simple concept has been the root cause of all the hardships for over 4 years. It only took 4 sessions (4 weeks) to solve this issue. Victoria provided him with all the tools for success. She taught him the concepts of letter formation on a level that he understood. We could not believe the transformation in our son. All of a sudden, he was excited to do school projects that involved printing. He was so very proud of himself when he started to receive compliments from teachers. Shortly after, we were contacted by his teachers who could not believe the transformation in our son.

Victoria, from the bottom of our hears, we thank you for giving our son the tools for success!!!!

— Suzanna, Thornhill
Since working with Victoria, my kids grew tremendously in the areas of independence, socialization, sensory processing, fine and gross motor skills. Victoria is always able to engage my kids in the activities that are difficult for them and helps them to achieve a success. They developed an excellent rapport and found common interests.She keeps me updated on the kids’ progress and always finds time to address any concerns.

I cannot thank her enough for the patience and positive attitude she shows towards my kids over the two years and a half they have been working together. Victoria is tremendously committed to her work and has a deep knowledge of many types of therapies. She is very experienced, well qualified and caring therapist. I would recommend her to anyone whose child could benefit from occupational therapy.
— A.M., Thornhill