7 Steps for Raising a Successful Child

7 Steps for Raising a Successful Child


This lecture will transform your understanding of parenting and give you the tools for raising happy and successful children in the world of instant gratification. Yes, parenting is the hardest job ever created! Yes, parents want the best for their children! BUT, to give the BEST, parents need to be educated on what that best is! Yes, once given the right parenting tools parents are ready to do whatever it takes to help their kids to become successful! Brain is just like a muscle. With the right training, parents become better parents. With the right parenting, children will become successful adults. The lecture was sponsored by Maxi Mind Learning

Victoria will grant you incredible clarity and rare insight into

  • why kids today have such trouble focusing

  • the special and unprecedented challenges we now face raising kids in a digital age

  • the incredible power of self-regulation for future success

  • how families can buck the trend and reclaim their lives while saving their kids.

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Victoria is an internationally-known Occupational Therapist, educator, blogger and motivational speaker on the modern-day parenting. In the past two years, her blogposts have been read by 20 million people. Victoria believes that the first step towards raising successful children begins from a parent education.