Video Recording of Parenting Tools and Tricks: Putting and end to yelling and time outs

Video Recording of Parenting Tools and Tricks: Putting and end to yelling and time outs


If you want your child to take more responsibilities, become more organized and independent then this lecture is for you! This lecture will provide you with tools and tricks for your child's brain training and re-training through daily activities.  After implementing my tricks, your kids will wake up with a smile, will get ready for school in 20 minutes, will help you with chores, will be excited to do homework, will go happily to bed and will behave well at a dinner table/restaurant/car/store without gadgets. The sky is the limit if only parents equipped with creative parenting tools. It is never too late to change! 

Within 48 hours of the purchase, you will receive a link to Video Recording (total play time is 2 hrs 17 minutes) and slides that I was showing during the lecture (including visuals).


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In parenting 'there is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs". Children require an investment of our daily time and positive energy to train the skills for life.  In my years of experience as an Occupational Therapist, I haven't yet met a child who WANTS to misbehave. Every child wants to be successful. Children with behavioral issues don't misbehave purposefully. They behave in a certain way because they haven't been taught to behave otherwise or they can't behave otherwise. I haven't yet met a child whose behavior won't change once we found the right "key" to him. Every child is teachable, every behavior is changeable. The difference is in how much investment of parents' energy and time each child requires - some learn faster, others need more practice to master a skill, but ALL are teachable! 
This lecture will give you an understanding that EVERY life skill requires teaching, including getting dressed, choosing clothes in the morning, packing/unpacking lunchbox, remembering to wash hands, doing Homework, tidying up toys, making bed, remembering to pack agenda, eating healthy food, behaving in stores, restaurants, cars etc. So often we punish children for something we haven't taught them to do. If you want your child to ride a bike, you teach and teach POSITIVELY. The same applies to all the other skills.The tools and tricks that I share with you will help you teach children every life skill in the way that both you and your child will enjoy and there will be no more need to yell and punish.