Parenting in The Digital Age: Challenges and Solutions

Parenting in The Digital Age: Challenges and Solutions


February 22, 2018 at UMCA RichTree Academy

In this lecture, Victoria will discuss the impact of technology on a child’s social-emotional development and will provide practical strategies on how to establish technology balanced lifestyle for your children. Moreover, Victoria will empower you with practical parenting tools for peacefully overcoming daily challenges such as dealing with your child’s ‘No!’, ‘I want it now!’, ‘I hate this food!’, ‘I am bored’, ‘I want your phone’, ‘I don’t want to do my HW’, ‘I am not going to bed’, ‘I am not going to share. It’s mine!’ and much more…

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Victoria is an internationally-known Occupational Therapist, educator, blogger and motivational speaker on the modern-day parenting. In the past two years, her blogposts have been read by 20 million people. Victoria believes that the first step towards raising successful children begins from a parent education.